The Story

Loaded by, triggered SecureCabin

The year 2020 is a special year for several reasons. Aside it’s global showoff of a variety of incidences in diverse areas of the society including health security, it also marked the year we repackaged and relaunched an effort that is over 10 years old –

That new wave of assault on the content marketing and web presence goals of our team gave rise to several premium corporate blogs and websites including Bulletproof . We focused on key challenges facing our nation as well as several others, and you will agree that security is one major challenge and concern by individuals, organisations, and nations.

The name Bulletproof and the bulletproof merchant, SecureCabin

Then we mapped out our scope, we wanted to cover personal security on several fronts, both physical and cyber-based. We wanted to also have a special coverage for VIPs especially as important personalities are a main target for economically motivated security attacks.

To discuss security, we thought to set the tempo mainly to beating the aggressors at the game; we are therefore not on the victim-train discussions only but rather to staying ahead of the threats. We needed a name that speaks security as well as paints the picture we saw in our minds.

That name was Bulletproof.

SecureCabin happened to be one of the companies we considered suitable to partner with in setting up a corporate blog like, and of all the companies, they had one product that was very interesting and that fitted the picture we had in mind earlier – a bulletproof and bomb-proof shelter for security personnel. For that fact, we were more biased towards them.

The successful negotiation saw us nailing the target; we hit the aim of a security blog on the network on July 10, 2020.

Businesses can benefit from Corporate Blogging

If you are a business owner, you can also be like SecureCabin. The company has literally launched a complete blogging and content marketing department by partnering with us. Instead of paying a lot of money for a single sponsored post on a blog which does not focus or ally with their primary business area (high-end security), they instead have a complete platform running to link up their existing customers and potential customers who need security solutions.

And SecureCabin doesn’t need to do anything. They don’t need to hire security content researchers and writers, designers, server admins, or buy infrastructure to host their own blog. They face their security business and power to face the content and media strategy.

Contact today to get started, we’ll launch your own custom corporate blogging platform. It will be as interesting and beautiful as too.

In case you are curious about bulletproof shelters or are interested in SecureCabin, you can find the information and contact details on their website.